Volume Loss on eclipse leads to sell it and buy the stomps :X

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      Hey eventide! I am very disappointed over the old volume loss issue at the eclipse for guitar use 🙁

      Please compare your own space pedal black hole sound vs the blackhole sound in the eclipse. The pedal is much louder and fresher and you can easily switch between playing clean and with blackhole sound. On the other hand there is no way to make the eclipse reverb sounds get as loud and clear as the normal clean sound, which is an absolute no go for LIVE ! You can try any adjustment there is, when you switch back to clean you think someone pulls 5 towels from the speaker, cause the dry sound must allways share your 100% wet/dry philosophie instead of 100%dry plus 100% wet like in your pedal models and any other pedal on the world !

      End of the story is that I have to sell the eclipse to buy the blackhole and the timefactor (again :X) to get fresh loud delay and reverb sounds again, without the annoying eclipse problem. I brought a midi pedal only for the eclipse just to find out that the space pedal is much clearer and louder. I loose so many sounds now but I even can´t use them anyway cause they will be blown away by the clean sounds. What is a good sound worth when you can not hear it while the show ? 

      Also the space pedal can not get full wet, there is allways dry signal in it while the eclipse blackhole can be tweaked that there is only a drone pad without any dry signal in it. So we have different sound and different volume behavoiur, which is really annoying for the customer. 

      So for everybody: the eclipse is nice on a studio mixer, where you can turn up the return signal and have the time for every part to adjust but for live amp guitar sounds its not possible to adjust the presets right without volume loss or overall sound degrade. 

      Eventide said here that some algos are quiter…okay. But why they are louder in the space ?! Any why is there no eclipse update to correct this issue ?

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      BadLemonFarmer already hit it on the head when he suggested that the next update (if there's ever gonna be one) included Space algorithms and presets. These volume loss and tone differences bug me too, which is why I kept my Space.

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