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      I seem to be having an issue with VSIG and my H-8000A.  I've updated my H8000A OS to v5.3, and downloaded the VSIG v2.49.  When I go into VSIG to "Get DBase" from the H-8000A, VSIG extracts all 200+ modules and then tells me that my "Database (is) Corrupted".  Furthermore, in VSIG, when I look for "Stereomixer" module in VSIG, it is not there.  Am I missing other modules in VSIG and is that related to the "Corrupted Database" that my H8000A seems to have?   Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.



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      Not all computers can handle the large chunk of data that comprises the Database. Laptops can be especially bad.

      If using serial, you could try reducing the baud rates to give your computer an easier life. Make sure they are the same at each end.

      Or, you could try downloading the "H8000 Series Database" from the Vsig support area.

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