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      I don't know what's wrong. I did connect the MIDI correctly. In fact, I use a MIDI-based footswitch (Behringer FCB1010) and it correctly controls the H7600 to make program changes. My MIDI loop goes through my PC (the PC is one "device" in the loop) and the WinBlade software that drives my SwitchBlade correctly sees the Switchblade. The H7600 is in the same loop, so I can't really see a hardware or MIDI connection problem.
      In VSig, absolutely nothing happens whn I select GetDBase or any other download command, and nothing happens on the H7600 display. I did setup the MIDI In-Out channel correctly in VSigFile. I use version and initially had used it with the downloaded DBase from this site before I bought the H7600. Am I supposed to delete this database first? Does it sort of switch VSigFile to "local" mode instead of external?
      Help appreciated.

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