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      i am working at the moment outside my studio, with a small setup of laptop (macbook) and H8000FW.

      i thougt to install windows on my  macbook and install Vsig to do some editing on the H8000FW.

      i have to say that i never installed windows on any machine. but do you thing it can be done and have some success with running Vsig on it,

      and edit via MIDI cable or via MIDI throught the firewire of the H8000FW?


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      Hi there,

      I don't know if MIDI connection or Serial connection work from within vsig, but here is what I do on G4 Mac: I programmed a custom Max/MSP patch to import and export vsig files from and to the Harmonizer. I use vsig inside Virtual PC to open, edit, and save the vsig files (text files).

      It seems that with an Intel Mac, you may use the serial connection (check the archives of this forum or of the vsig one).

      Communication works with the Harmonizer using either MIDI connection or Serial connection. I will definitely make these Max patches available. Is there a "share" space on this eventide forum or web site? I couldn't find any. There is no share space anymore on cycling74's web site either, otherwise, I would post the files there. To be continued… surely in 2010.

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      By the way, the H8000FW's Firewire is dedicated to sound interface communication – no MIDI there, as fas as I know.

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      Eventide Staff

      There is a MIDI link through the FireWire, but because it does not get much use, it is hard to say how well it works.

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      yes, the MIDI works and it seems ok via firewire.

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      Sorry, I thought it was not available (is it documented?). I actually didn't even install the FW drivers, but I will one of these days, to try the MIDI link.

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