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      I rewired my studio, including my MIDI chain, but I believe I recreated the same schematic as before, just different layout of my hardware. My H7600 is working normally as far as MIDI as it relates to program changes, which I control from a MIDI pedal board, so same as before here, no problem. However, the VSigfile utility no longer does anything. When I click on MIDI/Get, I see a quick flash on my MIDI PC interface, showing that "some" signal went through the MIDI chain, but I no longer get the file in VSigfile.

      What's a simple test that I can do? I suppose I can take the H7600 out of my MIDI loop and connect it directly to my PC MIDI interface with no loop, but it's not a viable solution long-term. Any ideas of other tests I can run?

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      Hi j

      to tell you the truth I have never/ever used Vsigfile on MIDI. I find serial just much simpler and more reliable. You may add a COM port to your PC in 2 ways, if it doesn't have one:

      -many modern PCs don't have a COM port in the rear panel but they may well have a COM socket on the motherboard where a COM can be connected. There are PCI panels (1 space) with one ore more COM ports. Just connect the wire to the motherboard if it has a socket for it, fix with a screw the PCI panel and enable the COM port in the BIOS.

      -use a simple USB to COM(Serial) adapter, installing a simple driver.

      Regarding why your Vsig doesn't work anymore…. it must be a configuration problem, probably in your MIDI unit. Hard to figure this out from remote though….

      all the best


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