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      Hi guys ..

      im having problem with syncing my h8000 OS 5.5 with Vsigx 1.9 beta.

      connected with usb to serial cable (PL2303 driver), seems like a connection is established . i could download the database from the unit , and midi get patchscreen works as well .

      but when i open the patch view window – it opens empty : "no presets found". i understood from the manual that its supposed to show me all the patches from my unit , 

      my main use for it at the moment  will be a quick browseswitch between patches … and easily save them locally on my project folders . need the patch view for that .

      please help – anyone ? 🙂

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      I can confirm that there is a problem with this.  It won't help you at the moment, but it will be fixed in version 2…

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      Tnx Doug …

      any idea when it will be out ??

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      A little hard to say exactly when, but it should be some time later this year.  Recently, I've been putting my effort into the remote control/librarian software.  My hope is that the remote control will be the main program and I will include the algorithm editor as part of that program.  That way, the librarian and patch editing functions will be siblings instead of having one contain the other.  (If anything, I would prefer to have the librarian be the parent of the editor instead of having the editor be the parent as in vSigX…)

      Put a slightly different way, you'll probably want the remote control program instead of the algorithm editor…

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      this sounds great

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      really can't wait for that one …

      tnx doug 🙂

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