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      a user in the gearslutz forum reported a problem with his H-8000FW after processing audio from a modular synthesizer. The link is:

      It doesn't sound like aliasing to me, but the audio is chopped at certain points and I would like to know what causes this. I run my H-8000FW at 96KHz, process analog synths, do all kind of weird sweeps and never had this kind of problem. The user said that at lower rates, the problem disappears.

      On a similar note, I would like to ask if the sound generating modules in the H-8000FW, like oscillators for instance, are bandlimited. I clearly remember that there is aliasing in a patch that provides a 440Hz reference signal (or something like that). I will test it again and report back.


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      Bump. Has anyone at Eventide cared to take a look at this? Why is there this aliasing?

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      Eventide Staff

      He'll need to contact us directly if he is concerned. This is because it is probably something at his end and we would need him to try many and annoying things to tie it down.

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      I have a big MOTM and Blacet system that I run into my H8000FW.  I don't get that kind of sound unless I want to.  Sounds like it came from Dr Who or likesuchas…

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      Use one of your analog inputs on the H8000FW making sure you have the output of the H8000FW going into your daw (I go analog in on H8000FW to Adat out to Adat in on Motu 2408mk3) at 96khz.

      Then run from your analog synth a high resonant sound and slowly sweep the freq just around your hearing threshold.

      I noticed a mirroring aliasing effect in the spectrogram which is audibly present. Does not do it at 44khz at all only 96khz (not tried 88khz yet). No dsp was in the chain i.e just straight analog in to digital out. Only use 96khz because plugins sound nicer to me (Nebula plugin runs lovely at 96khz) and also the H8000FW is a bit sweeter on the fx.

      Have tried to get my rather inferior is sound Motu 2408mk3 to alias but can not. Have emailed a full description to the team, not sure there is a fix for me if it is just my unit as I have just recently had mine back from USA and the shipping to UK killed me lol.

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