What do you love/not love about Eclipse V4 beta?

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      After you've successfully installed V4B and had some time to check it out, it would be helpful if you would use this thread to tell us what features you love and what features you don't love about the new software (aside from any problems with the actual update process).



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      Count Robio

      Sorry, I was too busy vsigging my tunes with the update & couldn't respond. No complaints at all here. Great job! But……there's a lot of new stuff to digest so I'm not saying it's perfect : )

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      From what I understand The Delay Factor algo's input config’s are determined by the inputs being used. E.g. both used, stereo, and just one used mono. Of course this is for stereo in stereo out app’s. Well it appears that the software isn't considering the digital input. It seems to be stuck in mono in mode when I send stereo in (aes/ebu).

      Thank for the beta


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      Eventide Staff

      Assuming you mean "TimeFactor" on Eclipse 4.0B….

      These effects are stereo in stereo out. You can set up the Eclipse to be stereo in or mono in.

      If you choose mono in, you can then select which of the two channels is the input and feed it to both input channels. This is done explicitly, using I/O Mode under LEVELS – the Eclipse will NOT make any assumptions for this setting based on your other input settings.

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      sorry for the typo's

      I will double check the I/O Mode under LEVELS to make sure I didn"t have it set to mono 1 or mono 2 instead of stereo.

      Thanks for the quick reply


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