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      The Poly Synth came out in November 2023 and has still yet to show up! Is there a release date scheduled? Does it always take this long? I sold my H90 to get a 9000.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi lxm9096,

      Eventide is working on more updates for H9000 this year. We just finished adding RNBO support last week. PolySynth specifically will be ported over but we don’t have specific dates yet. I will relay your interest to the team.

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      I just saw two new algorithms released for the H90, Aggravate and Sticky Tape.

      While I expect these will eventually be available to H9000 users, it feels frustrating to own the flagship and see new algo’s rolled out to ‘lesser’ products first.

      When can we expect these in the H9000??

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        Eventide Staff

        Sorry, I cannot provide any specific dates but we are working on an H9000 update. It is currently being beta tested and we are hoping to release is ASAP once it has been properly tested. Thanks for your patience.

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      looking forward to an update. i’m really loving my H9000,   This box goes into all my music. Keep up the great work Eventide…

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