When using firewire does audio go through thr Dac?

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      I'm trying to figure out why when I record something through the H8000FW into logic via firewire, the audio loses a little depth. I'm wondering if it converters are contributing to the sound or if its logic doing this, and possibly maybe even the levels arent quite right. All I know is the sound changes from what I hear prerecording vs postrecording from very clear vibrant to still good but not quite as. I am just trying to make sure that I am getting the best sound possible out of my Beast! Thanks

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      Hard to say because there's no info on how you route sound I and O of the Eventide. The FireWire is a digital protocol so it doesn't convert per se. If your sound is converted by internal or external converters, there will be a difference depending on how they sound and what is their quality. The Eventide converters are very good and sound thick and lush and you should expect them to sound better than a 1500/2000$ computer audio interface.

      As far as what Logic may do to your sound… well this is an impossible question. There are just too many variable factors to consider….

      all the best

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      Ok let me add to this question:

      If one were using a setup with Logic without any other external interface –

      Only using the H8000 as interface –

      I understand that via Firewire (if setup properly) one can bus signals out from Logic to the H8000 and back.

      In THIS scenario, surely there is no conversion taking place?


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       Correct! In this case Logic and the Eventide are mutually transferring digital audio data. Anytime you use FireWire there is only a digital audio stream thru it.

      best regards

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