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      Hello all i need some help with my rig as I'm starting from the ground up I'm getting my instrumental rock record ready and going to play live soon it's on the lines of Steve vai's passon and warfare but a little more on the heavy side. I own a H3000 d/sx which is broken at the moment. As far as the amps I'm trying out the vht pitbull ultra lead and the bogner ecstasy.
      As far as effects go I'm a junkie i will be switching patch's alot and using the Harmonizer alot on top of that i have fx sections in my music which leads me to the first question is there a big diff rent in sound quality of the effects between the DSP 4000 unit Orville and the H7600 as used DSP 4000 units are easy to find.Another is midi switching between the diff rent units and the tracking while using the Harmonizers. Any info would be great


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       Hi eraserhead

      I would advice you to get the latest units, H7600 or H8000Fw as you will get *MANY* advantages over older units:

      – much better A/D – D/A audio converters, with 24bit/up to 96KHz sampling (the 4000 doesn't get there)

      -a ton lot more DSP power, from 4 to 12 times the power of a 4000!

      -MIDI Virtual Racks!!! These alone are worth the purchase. No MIDI latency on these as you will be able to store ten different tweaks within the same preset and recall them with a single MIDI CC message. These powerful presets are racks assembled with 5 powerful FX machines each. You may want to log on Eventidedotcom to check the Presets Manual; in its very last pages there's a full description of what these beasts can do for you.

      all the best

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