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      I posted last night about my H8000FW that would start but an error message would come up saying "Main Memory Unprogrammed." It would then go into a test mode. Yesterday it would continually cycled through the test mode. Today it cycled through and it displayed a different error message.

      "CPU found illegal instruction (E0)

      Program: D83DAA

      Please write these down and reboot."

      After rebooting via the "reboot" soft key more and more error message appeared; illegal instruction, address error, and bus error messages with different program and data messages. (I have a string of them, but I do not think it is necessary for me to list at the moment.) The last message posted before locking up was:

      "CPU found an illegal instruction (E0)

      Program: 00057E

      Please write these down and reboot."

      When this message appeared, a couple of the lines of pixels smeared horizontally, and it locked up. I powered the unit off and back on and got a blank white screen. I did this a few times all with same result.

      After sitting powered off for a few minutes I powered it up again and got the original error message during boot up, "Main Memory Unprogrammed." And the test sequence was ready to start again.

      What do I do?



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      Hi Todd

      sorry for the troubles you are having.

      You could try reinstalling the latest OS, downloadable from the website. If you still have problems after its installation, the unit may have a hardware problem and will need to come back at the factory for servicing.

      Good luck!


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