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      Hi folks

      I did this test myself and want to share the results
      as they may be useful to both Windows and Macs users.

      The test has
      been done on an iMac 3.06 GHz 24" running SLeo 10.6.2 – WMWare Fusion
      3.0.2 – Windows 7 Ultimate – Keyspan USB to SERIAL adapter USA-19HS.

      we go:

      -First I have installed Vsigfile 2.4.9 BETA
      on the virtual machine running Win7 Ultimate.

      hunting for the Keyspan adapter drivers here:

      see a poorly labeled : Model USA-19HS Keyspan Driver – Windows.

       (exe –

      7 Mb

      It doesn't even say which Windows version…but I
      assumed it's for newer MS OS versions are there's a driver for older
      ones, clearly labeled.

      Upond downloading this driver, it showed up
      as driver 3.7S for Win 2000/XP/Vista. Apparently not Win7 support yet. I
      gave it a try as most drivers working for Vista may work on Win7.

      the driver. Skipped registration.

      -Connected to the iMac USB port
      an USB cable already plugged into my Keyspan adapter. Connected the
      serial cable to the Keyspan and to the H8000FW.

      -Look for the
      Keyspan serial adapter assistant under Programs folder > Keyspan
      folder. this is a utility you need to use to configure the COM port. At
      first launch it showed "No Keyspan connected"…. so I went back to the
      Mac anc checked VMware Fusion Settings for Win7 virtual machine. Under
      USB devices all USB things were listed, including the Keyspan. I just
      had to check the Keyspan and it was immediately installed on the virtual
      machine (Win 7).

      -To double check this you can right click My
      Computer icon in Win7 and click on Properties then on Device Manager.
      Under Ports (COM and LPT) I had COM 1 and 2 AND Keyspan USB Serial Port
      as COM 3. Obviously this iMac sees 2 internal unused COM ports. The
      Keyspan new COM port is also now visible under the Keyspan assistant

      -to correctly configure Vsig, launch it, skip the request to GET
      MIDI database, click on Preferences > COMMS Setup and choose COM 3
      (in my case that was the COM# to choose; it may be different on other
      Macs), then set COM port parameters values to match the H8000 (or any
      other Eventide supporting Vsig) MIDI > serial setup parameters.

      GET DBASE under MIDI in Vsig. The Virtual Machine will get the modules
      database from the Eventide and…voilà…you're ready to work with a
      Mac+Win7 under Fusion+Keyspan. I'm sure this will work on a native Win7
      machine too, being a PC or a MAC using Bootcamp.

      this helps


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