With which way can you create presets in H7600 & H8000FW?

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      Hello. I have another question (continuing the research for what product is right for me).My question is: With which way can you create presets in H7600 & H8000FW? Only with VSIG? Or there is onother way? You can't create presets with the H7600 or the H8000FW without pc? How excacly you start creating a preset? What's the start? It's a blank preset that you add effeck blocks,equalizers,frequencies and when you save them,you have a preset ready for use?

      Sorry for my extension. Fore many years, i used digital units like Rocktrons,Line 6,TC Helicon,Yamaha,etc. They had different way of programming.Then, i start to play with boutique pedals which i prefer and i like better.I sold most of my digital stuff and start to "build" my tone with less,but very high quality products. Never used computers in my personal studio.Everything i used for recording until now was only digital multi channel hardware stations(Yamaha,Boss,Tascam,etc).So until now, i don't use computers for my music at all.But,i don't know, maybe it'll be interesting to use something like Vsig in the future.But if it's too professional and too painfull and need so much time, i don't think i'm ready to sacrifice my guitar playing time(and practicing time) just to sit on a chair in front of a pc for many hours a day (and night) and make a job that only professionals of the sound can do.I believe that in the end, the only effect processor i'll keep in my rack is the Eventide i'll buy.With my favorite pedals and Eventide's processing power, i don't think i'll need something else.And i'm very happy that all your units can be updated in the future.Very clever.

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      You can create programs with Vsig, or with the built-in patch editor (but, this is a bit like hard work). The best way to start is to take one of the Factory Presets that is similar to what you want, then edit it.

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      Thank you very much NickRose.Have a wonderful day.

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