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      Has anyone had any issues with using the H9000’s wordclock out as a master clock?  My RME UFX just died, and I’ve swung across to the H9000 as my audio interface, but when I try to sync my Kurzweil KSP8 and Waves MaxxBCL to wordclock, neither of them will sync.  I’ve tried other cables, tried software and hardware termination, but I can’t get either unit to detect wordclock.

      There was no problem with the UFX as wordclock master, so I tried to swing across to the H9000.

      Everything syncs OK to my Focusrite Scarlett Octo Pro, so I’m using that temporarily, but am surprised that the H9000 isn’t providing wordclock at 48k.


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      Eventide Staff

      Just to confirm, you’ve set the H9000 clock to internal when you are syncing the other devices to it?

      What happens on the other devices when you say they can’t detect word clock? Is there some kind of indicator on these devices that shows a clocking error?


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      Yes, set to INT 48k. Same if is set to 44.1k.  The KSP8 doesn’t support above 48k (will clock up to about 56k, but 48k is the highest sample rate that can be set. It doesn’t support 88.2k or 96k for example).
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Ksp8 doesn’t lock. The lock light continues to flash. The MaxxBCL won’t lock and doesn’t show any sample rate. The WC light blinks indicating that it hasn’t locked to word clock, or there is no word clock present.</p>

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