Insider #33 AES, Blogs, IMSTA and more... - Eventide Audio

Insider #33 AES, Blogs, IMSTA and more…

Eventide’s BlogFactor

We’ve had a blog for a few months now, and we’ve published features about awards, trade show visits and so on, and we’ll continue to do that. But enough about us. We’d like to know more about you and how you’re making music.

To that end, we’re inviting you to become an Eventide Guest Blogger and share your thoughts and experiences on using our gear. It’s a good way to bring attention to your work and maybe your words will inspire someone else just as you’ve inspired us all these years. Entries can be any length, about any topic and can include pictures and embedded videos. If we use your blog post, we will send you a box of Eventide swag.

The Future of Sound: The First 45 Years @AES

At this month’s New York AES, we’ll be displaying “ancient” relics from Eventide’s first decade: 1971-1981. In the 70’s, the word “digital” first entered the pro audio vocabulary and Eventide’s 1745 was one of the very first pieces of digital audio gear ever sold. Truth is it did dangerously close to nothing. Just a simple 200 mS of delay for the price of a small car ($20,000 in today dollars).

Arpi Pap Studio Images

We’re asking anyone who used any of our first products to help us document their history by sharing your stories. We’re hoping that seeing these hardware relics might jog your memories of those heady, earth-toned days. Please contact Nalia Sanchez to arrange an interview or call.

We’ve arranged for a limited number of free Exhibits-Plus Badges to the show (NYC, October 29 – November 1). This badge is good for the Exhibition PLUS all Special Events, the Project Studio Expo and the Live Sound Expo. Eventide is sponsoring the AES After Party on October 30 — you won’t want to miss it. Don’t delay: registration closes October 15th.

Lead Singer’s BFF or FOH’s Worst Nightmare?

The MixingLink makes it easy (maybe too easy) for singers to take advantage of the wide world of wonderfully wacky guitar stompboxes. This high quality mic pre in a pedal format allows you to connect your mic, as well as any other instrument, to your favorite stompbox. Check out how this classically trained singer uses the MixingLink to take advantage of our Space pedal.

To Front Of House engineers everywhere: We’re sorry.
CrushStation Wins Guitar Player Hall of Fame Award

Eventide H9’s CrushStation distortion algorithm is the recipient of its 2015 Hall of Fame Maximum Gear award in the Technology category. Here’s what they said:“The Maximum Gear awards shine a spotlight on the most awesome gizmos we played with this past year. Editors’ Pick Award winners blew our minds with incredible design, superlative value, transcendent craftsmanship, or fun factor.”Learn more about H9 and CrushStation >>NYC IMSTA Recap

On September 26, we attended the NYC IMSTA FESTA, a celebration of Music Technology. IMSTA, the International Music Software Trade Association, is a nonprofit group which represents the interests of the music software industry. Its primary goal is to educate musicians on the benefits of owning software. Throughout the day, they provided free music production workshops and giveaways. Attendees received swag along with a chance to win a copy of H3000 Factory.