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Insider Newsletter #32

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July 28, 2015
Eventide Insider news issue #32 
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Eventide Gets Salty with “CrushStation”

Our new tweakable overdrive algorithm, CrushStation, is now available for the H9. CrushStation is Eventide’s first dive into the great shark tank that is distortion. Instead of trying to recreate someone else’s pedal or amp, which is boring and, in this case, probably futile, we did what we usually do – we’ve created an effect that puts every available DSP cycle under your creative, inspirational, control.

Load CrushStation and you’ll see knobs labeled with the usual ‘dirt’ words: Drive, Sustain, multi-band EQ. The usual. You’ll also see knobs labeled Sag, Octaves and Grit. Knobs that’ll take you down some new dirt roads.

CrushStation is free for H9 MAX owners, ~$20 for everybody else. Drawn butter and bib optional. 

Learn more about H9 and CrushStation >>

Pre/Post, Wet/Dry, Stereo, Mono…Route it Like You Want it

The latest H9 Control introduces a feature that many of you have been asking/hoping for – flexible routing. Prior to this release, you had essentially two options for routing signal through your H9 – mono or stereo. With the addition of Pre/Post routing, you can have what amounts to two signal chains: one before your amp and one in your effects loop — all from one H9.

For instance, our new CrushStation overdrive algorithm responds best in front of your amp (Pre), while the Blackhole reverb belongs in your effects loop (Post). Until now you needed two H9s to do this. Now, you just need two extra cables.

Also, due to popular demand we’ve added Wet/Dry routing. And, volume swell. And, MIDI merge. All requested, all included. Now for the H9 and coming soon (in public beta) for TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor and Space.

Learn more about Routing >>

What About Plug-ins?

We’re working with legendary producer, Tony Visconti, to design a plug-in that re-recreates some of the iconic sounds of the original H910 Harmonizer®. 

If you have any stories of the original H910, please let us know! We’ll send you a sticker and maybe even feature your story on our blog.

Featured Blog

Eventide had a booth at this year’s Summer NAMM 2015 show in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a blast to reconnect with old friends and meet a bunch of new ones. Here are a couple of photos taken during the festivities.

Doug Wimbish (Living Colour)
Alan Chaput and Phil X (Bon Jovi)

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Recent User Feedback

“thank you eventide”
“I am truly amazed…the new H9 update feels like the future is finally here. …my simple pedalboard is amazing…What inspires me is Eventide’s commitment to their products…Having seen how they deal with, support, repairs, updates, and discontinuing those aspects for “legacy” products, I am floored by this update. I do not know all the inner workings of Eventide but you guys are doing something right. It seems like there is a vision that really cares about the product and the people who use it. I once read a quote (if I remember right) from John Abercrombie that stated something like this “all musicians are winners because we get to do the greatest thing on earth”. Eventide you have lived up to that belief. Peace”
st.bede, July 16, 2015
“Bravo Eventide Bravo”
“Over the years I’ve always thought of Eventide as gear that was way above my level of expertise…Then I came across the TimeFactor. Then the H9. At that point I was done searching, the H9 fits the bill perfectly for me. I may have to get another just to enjoy twice the fun!…I’ve had some behind the scenes support provided by Eventide that goes above and beyond what would be normally considered standard customer service. Eventide stepped up, understood my needs and brought me a solution to a dilemma when they simply didn’t have to. I couldn’t be more happy with my gear and the company that stands behind. Eventide…if you’re reading this…a sincere tip of my hat! Bravo!”
RavinDave, July 23, 2015
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