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Beyond the Effect Horizon

Discover why top artists and producers have chosen Eventide for over 50 years with the H90 Harmonizer®, Eventide’s next-generation multi-effects pedal. Whether you want high-quality bread-and-butter effects or experimental sounds unheard, the H90 has everything you need to inspire your creativity with an intuitive UI designed with players in mind, 66 effect algorithms, and hundreds of Program combinations curated for a variety of instruments and genres. With its comprehensive I/O and flexible routing options, the H90 is designed to be the heart of your rig.

Introducing the Eventide H90 Harmonizer®
In Harmony, the Making of H90 Harmonizer®
H90 Tutorial – Part 1: The Essential Overview
H90 Tutorial – Part 2: Tempo, MIDI & Deep Options
H90 Tutorial – Part 3: Dual Routing & Creative Connections
H90 Harmonizer® Program Presets
Eventide H90 Harmonizer® Livestream
Eventide H90 Pedal Demo
Trying Out The BRAND NEW Eventide H90!
Eventide H90 kinda blew my mind
How H90 dramatically transforms sounds
How to use the Eventide H90
All 10 new Sounds in the Eventide H90
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Introducing the Eventide H90 Harmonizer®
Introducing the Eventide H90 Harmonizer®
Eventide’s next-generation multi-effects pedal.
In Harmony, the Making of H90 Harmonizer®
In Harmony, the Making of H90 Harmonizer®
Go behind the scenes into the making of the H90 Harmonizer®.
H90 Tutorial - Part 1: The Essential Overview
H90 Tutorial – Part 1: The Essential Overview
In Part 1, Joe Cozzi covers H90 essentials including connections, navigation Programs, and controller assignments.
H90 Tutorial - Part 2: Tempo, MIDI & Deep Options
H90 Tutorial – Part 2: Tempo, MIDI & Deep Options
In Part 2, Joe Cozzi covers Tap Tempo, MIDI, and deeper options like effect tails, spillover, and Kill Dry.
H90 Tutorial - Part 3: Dual Routing & Creative Connections
H90 Tutorial – Part 3: Dual Routing & Creative Connections
In Part 3, Joe Cozzi discusses global routing modes and creative ways to connect the H90.
H90 Harmonizer® Program Presets
H90 Harmonizer® Program Presets
Take a look into some of the program presets of the H90 Harmonizer®.
Eventide H90 Harmonizer® Livestream
Eventide H90 Harmonizer® Livestream
Join our team as we unveil the brand new H90 Harmonizer® pedal! For more information visit https://etide.io/H90.
Eventide H90 Pedal Demo
Eventide H90 Pedal Demo
Join Mitch Gallagher for an in-depth demo that just scratches the surface of this amazing pedal’s potential!
Trying Out The BRAND NEW Eventide H90!
Trying Out The BRAND NEW Eventide H90!
Watch as Warren Huart and Patrick Flores go through the H90 Harmonizer®
Watch as Pete Thorn demonstrates the H90 Harmonizer®
Eventide H90 kinda blew my mind
Eventide H90 kinda blew my mind
Emily Hopkins dives into the H90, a multi-effects unit with some incredible sounding algorithms.
How H90 dramatically transforms sounds
How H90 dramatically transforms sounds
loopop reviews the Eventide H90 and compares it to the H9
How to use the Eventide H90
How to use the Eventide H90
If you wonder how to edit on the actual pedal, this is the video to watch!
All 10 new Sounds in the Eventide H90
All 10 new Sounds in the Eventide H90
I am sure that potential buyers of the eventide H90 have lingering questions about the new algorithms and I am trying to answer them in THIS video.
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New Technology, New Effects

The H90 Harmonizer features modern ARM-based architecture derived from the world’s most powerful effects processor, Eventide’s flagship H9000 Harmonizer. This paves the way for the ongoing creation of more advanced effects processing techniques. As a result, the pedal not only offers the iconic reverbs, delays, modulation, and pitch-shifting effects of the H9 Max but goes far beyond with eleven new powerful algorithms including state-of-the-art, fast-tracking, and warble-free Polyphonic Pitch Shifting. Eventide’s proprietary SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology clears the road ahead for next-gen effects both long-imagined and unimaginable.


Pitch shift chords with ease using SIFT technology. Create rising or sinking chorus and crystals-type effects. Use Freeze to generate pad textures.

Prism Shift

Generate three voices from a single chord whose intervals are separated, staggered, and pitch-shifted to create four arpeggio types spanning up to three octaves.


Authentic Uni-Vibe emulation reimagined in stereo with envelope followers.

Head Space

Vintage four-head Tape Delay with classic and modern creative tone shaping controls for grit, spatiality, and character.

Bouquet Delay

Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) with modulation, LoFi, and Modern flavors; includes Pitch jump and Self-oscillation performance functions.


Chord-bending pitch shifter allows you to perform polyphonic dive bombs or transform your guitar into a pedal steel.


Aggravate is an octave fuzz inspired by famous classic analog octave fuzzes from the 70’s. Satisfy all your fuzz needs with its versatile controls, rich feature set and most importantly, its chewy tone that makes playing through it addicting! 


A mega-sized hyper-modulated reverb with pitch warping performance.


Two-stage, serial overdrive reminiscent of a famous green pedal.

SP2016 Reverb

The legendary Room, Stereo Room, and Hi-density plate from the original studio rackmount.

Instant Phaser

Authentic emulation of the world’s first studio Phaser from 1971 notably used in Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.

Instant Flanger

Authentic emulation of the world’s first studio Flanger heard on countless hit records.


PolySynth transforms your guitar into a synthesizer with three independent voices, each with controls for level, shift amount, and wave shape.

Sticky Tape

Sticky Tape is a new tape algorithm based on the same emulation technology as Head Space. It opens up a world of tape tone possibilities – all the character, grit, and modulation of those classic reel-to-reel tape machines without the bother. 

That’s not all. The upgraded DSP power of the H90 enhances the performance of all previous H9 Max algorithms. We’ve also developed new features and enhancements, such as quantization and improved pitch tracking, as well as additional features previously only available on the dot9 pedals and plug-ins.

Front on image of white H90 Pedal leaning on a black guitar

Twin-Turbo Program Power

Two of these already impressive algorithms can be combined into a Program to create novel, inspiring sounds. The H90 Harmonizer’s dual algorithm design features true spillover between Programs, series or parallel effect routing, and flexible I/O.

Two Mono Inserts

Two mono inserts allow you to incorporate outboard effects in any configuration or combine them for one stereo insert. Optimize your signal flow with instrument or line level operation and full gain controls to incorporate the H90 into your rig or make it the centerpiece.

Dual Mode

Dual Mode lets you do things like connect using the four-cable method or process two independent stereo instruments at once! Let the H90 Harmonizer take you beyond the effects horizon.

Essential Tones

Image is not available
“I’m absolutely in love with the H90. Like all Eventide creations, they are truly special pieces of equipment.”
Jeff Schroeder
(The Smashing Pumpkins)
Image is not available
“The H90 is killing it in the musical theatre pit right now. I have three settings put together that cover everything and make the sound guy incredibly happy.”
Jonathan Moody
Image is not available
“One of the best things about the H90 is its flexibility in the studio. You can use it either as a guitar processor or switching into line level mode turns into a powerful studio effects unit, allowing me to run pretty much anything through it.”
Romesh Dodangoda
(Record Producer, Mixer)
Image is not available
“The H90 has quickly become an integral part of my studio and live rigs. Its broad spectrum of programs are vivid, flexible, and they don’t have artifacts present on other devices.”
Nate Navarro
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Factory Programs

The H90 Harmonizer comes with hundreds of factory Programs that can be loaded using either SELECT or BANK mode. In SELECT mode, you can navigate your Playlist sequentially without ever missing a detail thanks to the OLED display. In BANK mode, you can quickly load from a bank of three Programs, perfect for cueing up the range of sounds for a song. Organizing your favorite sounds has never been easier, simply load a new Playlist and you’re ready for the next gig! 

Essential Tones

Clean Ambient
Algorithms: Digital Delay → Hall
Funky Wah
Algorithms: EQ Compressor → with QWah
Green Tides
Algorithms: WeedWacker → SpaceTime
Instant Flavor
Algorithms: Instant Phaser II Instant Flanger
Recital Hall
Algorithms: Spring → SP2016 Reverb
Riff Rocket
Algorithms: Even-Vibe → CrushStation
Algorithms: WeedWacker → Blackhole®
Slap Drive
Algorithms: WeedWacker → H910 H949
Space Spiral
Algorithms: Rotary II SpaceTime
Wide & Clean
Algorithms: MicroPitch → Spring

Creative Soundscapes

Algorithms: Polyphony → TriceraChorus
80s Villain
Algorithms: Hotsawz → Harmodulator
Dream Sequence
Algorithms: H910 H949 → SpaceTime
Emin Dance
Algorithms: Diatonic → Blackhole
Jazzy BZ
Algorithms: Polyphony → Rotary
Algorithms: Polyphony II Crystals
Polyphonic Room
Algorithms: Polyphony → SP2016 Reverb
Space Island
Algorithms: Filter Pong II TremoloVerb
Tidal Waves
Algorithms: UltraTap II FilterPong
Algorithms: SP2016 Reverb → Instant Phaser

Powerful Synth Programs

Live Performance Machine

The H90 Harmonizer is a live performance powerhouse! The front panel has been reimagined with five push knobs, seven LED buttons, and a hi-res OLED display for greater hands-on control and parameter feedback. 

In PERFORM mode, you get six programmable footswitches. Map functions like tap tempo, preset and insert bypass with momentary states, and performance parameters like reverb freeze, pitch flex, or delay repeat. Furthermore, you can make multiple instantaneous parameter changes with three HotSwitches.

Comprehensive UI

The comprehensive UI allows you to control any parameter with ease. Adjust expression mappings by hand with the PERFORM HotKnob and engage up to six individual assignable parameters with the three push-button Quick Knobs. Get even more control with two inputs for expression pedals or auxiliary switches with up to three buttons. If that’s not enough, take advantage of the pedal’s extensive MIDI control. 

Flexible Routing Options

Simple Effects Pedal Setup

Two Mono Inserts

One Stereo Insert

Amplifier Pre/Post (Mono)
Dual Mode

Guitar & Vocals (with MixingLink®)
Dual Mode

Dual Inserts in DAW
Dual Mode


  • Preloaded with 66 effect algorithms:
    • 14 new effect algorithms: Polyphony, Prism Shift, PolyFlex, PolySynth, Bouquet Delay, Head Space, WeedWacker, Even-Vibe, Wormhole, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, Aggravate, Sticky Tape and SP2016 Reverb
    • Includes all 52 effect algorithms from the H9 Max Harmonizer with enhanced features and improvements
  • New low-latency Polyphonic Pitch Shifting with SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology
  • ARM-based architecture lays the foundation for new and exciting creative effects
  • Use two algorithms at once per Program
  • True spillover between Programs
  • Route effects in series or parallel
  • Instrument or line-level operation
  • Two mono inserts or one stereo insert can be positioned anywhere in the signal chain
  • Dual-mode for processing two independent stereo signals at once
  • Five push-turn knobs for more tactile control
  • Two expression inputs for pedals, up to 3-button auxiliary switches, and CV signals
  • Use H90 Control software to edit Programs, create lists, and update firmware on a Mac or PC
  • Built-in tuner

H90 Control

H90 Control provides remote control access and Program list management for the H90. Manage Program and Preset settings, perform system updates, and import/export User Lists with an easy-to-use interface.

Register your H90 pedal to your User Account to download H90 Control for Mac or Windows.

News & Reviews

H90 Harmonizer named product of the week by Mix Magazine.

“To have this unit in your arsenal is genuinely a reward.”

“It’s a game-changer. I can do more with less.”

H90 Harmonizer is showcased in Premier Guitar’s “Gear Radar” column.

“The H90 Harmonizer® does about a million other things very, very well.”

“The H90 succeeds in bringing the H9’s brilliance into the modern effects era.”

“The H90 is a next-generation multi-effects powerhouse for all manner of different musicians.”


Inputs 1 – 4

¼ inch TS mono jack

Outputs 1-4

¼ inch TS mono jack

Exp/Ctl 1-2

¼ inch TRS / Expression pedal or Aux Switch

USB Type-C

Use USB 2.0 for control, updates, and MIDI


Five-pin DIN (Female)

MIDI Out/Thru

Five-pin DIN (Female)

DC Input Jack

5.5/2.5mm plug / Center Positive (+)

Input Impedance (Inst. Level)

>600k ohms

Input Impedance (Line Level)

>80k ohms

Output Impedance

220 ohms

Recommended Load Impedance

10k ohms

Maximum Input Level (Inst)


Maximum Input Level (Line)



12V DC @ 1A / Center Positive (+), 5.5/2.5mm jack

Dimensions (Product)

English: 6.5″ (W) x 5.25″ (D) x 2.5″ (H)
Metric: 170 (W) x 136 (D) x 68 (H) mm

Dimensions (Package)

English: 10.5″ (W) x 7″ (D) x 3″ (H)
Metric: 265 (W) x 180 (D) x 75 (H) mm

Weight (Product)

1.85 lbs / 0.84 kg

Weight (Package)

3 lbs / 1.36 kg

Shipping Contents

H90, Eventide Sticker, 4x Rubber feet, Guitar pick, Universal power supply with plugs (US, UK, EU, AUS), USB A to Type-C cable, Quick Reference Guide


All Eventide hardware products come with a one year warranty.

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