H949 TDM - Eventide Audio

The H949 (1977-1984) took pitch changing further than ever before. This plug-in re-creates the unique random feature which creates slight variations in delay resulting in a less mechanical sound. The original can be heard on countless hit records of the last 25 years. In fact, Jimmy Page used the H949 in his guitar rig.

The Original

The Eventide model H949 Harmonizer, successor to the H910, is a combination digital delay line, pitch-changer, and all-around special effects unit. The H949 used random access memories (RAM’s) for high quality, dependable performance. The H949 benefited from the rapid pace of IC development with improved audio specs and much more. It represented a major advance in the very notion of an effects box and introduced the terms algorithmrandom, and micropitch to the audio lexicon. Our marketing message was simple—“more of everything.”