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      i’ve got an h9000 on loan this weekend and trying to connect it to emote.

      – i’ve got the h9000 wifi dongle in and connected to my wifi network

      – i’ve got the h9000 connected via USB to my iMac

      – i downloaded the latest emote. launched everything, but then emote said the h9000 needed an update

      – i updated the h9000, successfully, via the internal update procedure

      – but now emote says that it itself is out of date and to download the latest version, but i’ve downloaded the latest from the site.


      does emote want to connect via USB or wifi? does it prefer one or the other? should i ethernet the unit instead of either of those?


      here is a pic of the error i’m getting: (forum is giving me an error when i try to upload small JPG)


      the error says:

      this version of emote is out of date and can’t be use [sic] with the h9000 you are trying to connect to.  (Expected version: 20180717. Actual version: 20190712) Please update emote to the latest version.



      help! thanks!

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      The latest software for the H9000 is probably the beta, which would also require a beta version of Emote. Try the Emote from the first post in the beta thread, found here:

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