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      I am experiencing some serious errors with my beloved GTR4000.  It had been stored (properly) until recently. 

      These are the error message I get when running the various tests


      DSP1 Static Ram

      Address Map = 01XXXXXXXXXXXXX


      DSP1 Dynamic Ram

      Address Map = XXXX XXXXXXX0XXXXXXX


      E Bridge 0 to 1

      E Bridge 1 to 0

      Can these errors be rectified by swapping out the RAM chips associated with DSP1, or is an indication of a larger issue?






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      Eventide Staff

      Obviously, kinda hard to know from here, but these messages do suggest that either DSP1, or more likely communications to it, are dead. I would suggest that you try wiggling all socketed parts, and if that fails, go to 

      Legacy Product Repair Information | Eventide (


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