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      Hi there,


      First time poster. Hoping to find some advice within this community 🙂


      I recently bought a second-hand Eventide H3000 D/SE and am experiencing some issues with the unit.


      The unit powers on, the presets load fine and there’s no audible glitch. The display works fine as well.


      Then, after a random period of time (sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a couple minutes — I’d say the longest it has ran without a problem is maybe 30 mins), the “Line” red light turns off and there’s an audible clicking sound (though I’m guessing maybe this part is normal, since even when the unit is working fine I hear this clicking sound when engaging or disengaging the “Line” key). Once the light has turned off, the screen freezes and the following message is displayed “THE H3000 D-SERIES ULTRA HARMONIZER”. From that point on, nothing happens when I push the “Line” key (or touch any other control or keys, for that matter). Please also note that, from time to time, the “Line” red light adopts a different behaviour and turns on and off rapidly a couple times before remaining off, rather than just turning off once.


      If I power the unit off and on again after the problem occurred, I will sometimes get it to work for another couple seconds or minutes. Other times, the “Line” red light just doesn’t turn on when I turn the unit back on, and the screen displays the message mentioned above, with the “Line” and other controls/keys remaining frozen.


      Are you able to help me troubleshoot this issue ?


      Please note that the H3000 was shipped to me. Consequently, this might have something to do with the transportation (tough it was well packaged).


      Thanks in advance for the followup and have a good day.


      Here are the unit’s information :

      Model number : H3000 D/SE

      Voltage : 115

      Software version : OS Rev 2.17


      Best regards,


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      Eventide Staff

      Unfortunately, Eventide can no longer support these 30 year old products, mainly because we have nobody left who knows anything about them.

      We have a few outside people who can often repair them:



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      Hello Nick,

      Thanks for the reply. I suspected Eventide would not be able to offically support these old units anymore, but was hoping someone in the community of this forum might have experienced a similar issue and could be able to help.

      Best regards.

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      Just wanted to let you know the issue was caused by the PSU molex connector. It seems this is a fairly common problem.

      Leaving this link here for further reference if anyone is having this issue : Eventide H3000 – freaking out on startup?

      Best regards.

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