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      Hello all at Eventide,

      It’s time for my yearly inquiry. I’m one of those who purchased the H9000, not only for what it was already able to do, but also because of the mentioned upcoming features and the unit’s not yet fulfilled potential.
      These features are all mentioned on this forum quite some time ago, so I hope there’s some advancement already with the updates.
      (Unfortunately new posts with links don’t seem to go through after the forum update (not even when the links point to your own forum threads), so I’ll just list these here without the links to the originals.

      The main features I very much hope to see in a timely fashion are:

      1 – The ability to run 2 algorithms per core when running at 44.1/48kHz
      We have a unit with very flexible I/O, especially with all the expantion cards, so this would indeed bring the processing power of the H9000 to its deserved level. Are you able to shed some light on this one? Is the feature still coming, and will it take months, or perhaps even years to add this? I really hope to see this added soon.

      2 – Routing and mixing. – We were teased with the ability to route and mix between algorithms inside the unit. Any news on this one?

      3 – Naming of Scenes, also already mentioned earlier on these forums.

      4 – I also miss the ability to copy/paste (and replace) algorithms in emote.
      Personally I use many duplicates of algorithms with minor tweaking, so this would be a very useful feature, and IMO a basic one too. I mean, emote is already able to save algorithms as presets, so I don’t think it should be too hard to implement a copy/paste feature.  I have no idea how this stuff works under the hood, but a simple “save a temp file of algorithm and it’s settings” on copy, and “load that temp file” on paste seems like a minor thing to implement, no?

      Thanks for any and all replies, and best of luck with the updates.

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      Matthias Adloff

      How sad no links go through. I was unable to find any of these teasers. Couldn’t you provide the links without the https://www.eventideaudio.com/ in front of it?

      EDIT: Just after posting this… links DO go through!

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        Ah, great! Original forum links are broken, but let’s see if I can post this time with the new shortened links.

        Running of 2 algorithms per core mentioned on this thread: /forums/topic/emote-inter-connecting-fx-chains/#post-153303

        Connect between DSPs: /forums/topic/h9000-emote-wishlist-undoredo-copypaste-etc/#post-155902

        And working link to the original post: /forums/topic/emote-inter-connecting-fx-chains/#post-153300

        CopyPaste: /forums/topic/h9000-emote-wishlist-undoredo-copypaste-etc/#post-116102

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        Matthias Adloff

        Hi bsfreq, thank you for the links. And yes, would love to see especially point #2, though it would make an already complex unit even more complex. For point #1, I wonder if there will ever be more powerful replacement DSPs, how would that be? More cores or more processing power? If it’s just more power, Eventide has to come up with running >1 algo per DSP.

        However, just purchased the H9000 one year ago, and I cannot say that I feel much underpowered even on larger projects.

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        No problem. Personally I think all these features can be added without cluttering the UI or adding too much complexity.

        Also, running two algorithms per core at 44.1/48kHz is possible already with the current hardware, as Eventide staff has mentioned. (Higher sample rates would of course require more powerful processors.) I run most my projects at 44.1/48kHz anyway, and the way I use my H9000 I would very much benefit from having double the amount of algorithms available at once. That’s why I really hope the firmware will be updated to support this.

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      Eventide Staff


      Sorry that the new website format has made it difficult to locate some older posts.

      Unfortunately, I can’t give you any estimated timeline for 1 and 2 as these are much more involved projects. However, we are currently in the process of looking into 3 and some other improvements to Scenes. I’ve also made your copy/paste request a higher priority that we will look into, and while I can’t make any promises, that request would be more likely to be added sooner than 1 and 2. Thanks for your patience and feel free to let us know of any feature requests you may have.

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        Thanks for your reply!
        I’m glad to hear these updates are all still in the works. And hopefully you’ll be able to throw some more resources to developing features 1 and 2 at some point too. 😉

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