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Welcome to the “Open My Eyes” Remix Contest

In the summer of ’68 , Todd Rundgren and his band, NAZZ, released a song awash with tape flanging called “Open My Eyes.” The flanging effect played a key role in Eventide’s genesis. In our founding year, 1971, we introduced audio’s first rack mount effects box, the Instant Phaser, which emulated tape flanging. And, in 1975, the Instant Flanger. Our early studio flangers had many fans, none more enthusiastic than a young Todd Rundgren, as demonstrated in these photos of Todd visiting our NYC office back in 1972.

Then & Now

Eventide’s crew recorded the basic tracks of “Open My Eyes” at Hobo Sound and now challenge you to download the stems and remix it. Use any combination of plug-ins to best emulate the sounds of the original recording, improve it, or go nuts and create something completely new. 

How to Enter Contest

Remix the “Open My Eyes” stems provided by Eventide to create a new and unique track utilizing Eventide effects. Don’t own any Eventide plug-ins? Get a free 30-day demo here. Please note an iLok account is required to activate the demo license. To get a free iLok account, visit 

Our Judges

Stewart Lerman
Patti Smith, David Byrne, St. Vincent

John Agnello
Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth

Tony Agnello

James Frazee
Sharon van Etten, Patti Smith

Missy Thangs
Ex Hex, H.C. McEntire, Wye Oak

Neal Shaw
Chris Martin, Paul McCartney

Pablo San Martin
MOTHICA, Vincint, Sophie Chen

Jihao Zhang
John Scofield, Joe Lovano, Tom Scott


  • Remix must noticeably include Eventide’s Instant Flanger Mk II and/or Instant Phaser Mk II plug-ins. There are no restrictions on using additional software or hardware from 3rd parties.
  • Song submission must be at least one minute (:60 seconds) and no longer than five minutes (5:00) in length. Any genre and/or explicit material may be submitted.
  • Upload finished mix to Soundcloud. Track name must include “Open My Eyes (username Remix) Eventide Contest” to be eligible.
  • Submit your SoundCloud link using the entry form below. One entry per participant.
  • Deadline for all submissions is May 11, 2022. 

Winners will be selected by a select team of Eventide judges on May 30, 2022.

Terms & Conditions

Grand Prize

(2) Grand Prize winners—one for creativity and one for traditional—will each receive:


(3) Runner-Up winners will each receive:

  • A full license for permanent use of the Clockworks Bundle (MSRP $499)


(25) Finalists will each receive a voucher for a free Eventide plug-in of their choice.

Contest entry is closed.

Contest Submissions

Looking for Inspiration?

A few year ago, we held the “Itchycoo Park Remix Challenge.” We chose that Small Faces song because it was an early (1967), dramatic use of tape flanging, an effect we love. Although the contest has ended, you can still check out the many creative submissions.

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