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SP2016 Reverb

Classic Room, Stereo Room and Hi-Density Plate

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SP2016 Reverb

Classic Room, Stereo Room and Hi-Density Plate

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Reverb Time Machine

The SP2016 was the first programmable effects box available on the market. It introduced the concept of the ‘plug-in’ to the pro audio world back in 1982, with actual hardware chips that would be plugged in under the hood. Revered for its signature reverbs, the SP2016 was notably used by Dave Pensado, George Massenburg, Alan Sides, Roy Hendrickson, Jack Douglas, and Mick Guzauski. The lush reverb can be heard on countless hit records by Talking Heads, Adele, Mariah Carey, Eminem, and more. Now, 36 years later, this signature sound is available for your DAW.


Three distinct reverb types:

  • Room: Your basic no-nonsense, no-frills ambient “room.” It’s a mono effect with stereo outputs. The extreme Pre-Delay range makes it possible to use this effect for reverberant doubling and single echoes.
  • 2016 Stereo Room: Recreates the ambience of a large concert hall, with very clear, natural reverberation.
  • Hi-Density Plate: Plate-type reverb with dual pickups simulating the effect of a bigger, heavier plate. This reverb allows you to make vocals, guitars and percussive instruments appear much bigger and brighter than they actually are.

Includes a variety of presets including some by Dave Pensado, Richard Devine, Joe Chiccarelli, Sasha, George Massenburg, The Butcher Bros., Buda & Grandz, Erin Tonkon, and more.

Six Distinct Reverbs

The SP2016 reverbs have attracted a loyal user base by using a particular blend of art and science — the end result is an effect that sounds natural and distinctive. The plug-in includes authentic emulations of Room, Stereo Room, and Hi-Density Plate algorithms, each available in two versions: Vintage and Modern. The Vintage algorithms are true to the original box, all the way down to the bit-depth. The Modern algorithms are brighter, more diffuse, and use a higher bit-depth.

The algorithms naturally emulate every aspect of the sound of a real physical environment — from the complex early reflections, to the natural way in which the echo density increases with time, and to the smooth Gaussian decay of the reverb tail. It’s a powerful simulation that lends itself to parametric control.

Sitting in the Mix

Control the structure of the reverb by fine-tuning the controls – including PreDelay, Decay, Position, and Diffusion. The EQ section allows for simple high and low filtering of the reverb with adjustable filter ranges. The low filter can be used to cut OR boost at the specified frequency.

With the unique Position control, the ability to make a reverb effect that sits perfectly in your mix is as easy as moving one slider. This powerful tool allows you to take your listeners from the back of the room all the way to the stage while retaining all of your other settings.

Reinventing a Classic

Classic gear stands the test of time. The sound of the hardware is the result of a combination of DSP processing and analog audio circuitry. Painstakingly modeling every aspect of these hardware units was neither quick nor easy, but now the must-have sonic beauty of these classic reverbs is available for your use in the box or live. 

“I’ve always loved the smooth decay of the Room Reverb program on drums and percussion. The Stereo Room has been a favorite of mine on vocals. The new SP2016 plug-in is very close to the hardware unit in character and in some ways better…The sound is slightly different, as any emulation will always be, but it excels in the same applications that I have always loved the original hardware SP2016 for.”

–Mick Guzauski
Madonna, Mariah Carey, Daft Punk, Pharrell

“I’m obsessed with the Eventide SP2016 plug-in. It sounds just like the hardware version…It’s an awesome tool and I’m using it all over my latest mixes!”

—Erin Tonkon
David Bowie, Lady Lamb, Esperanza Spalding

“The Eventide SP2016 was a unique reverb unit. It was the perfect Snare drum or lead vocal reverb…It fits nicely in the track and never overtakes its original sound source.”

—Joe Chiccarelli
The Strokes, Morrissey, Young The Giant, U2

“The Eventide SP2016 is our new favorite reverb. It maintains that classic sound while giving you updated new options. You can get really creative with this one!”

Buda & Grandz
Dave East, Jadakiss, Neyo, Juelz Santana, 50 Cent

“The classic Eventide SP2016 has always been my go-to reverb. It has the unique ability to make vocals, instruments, and drums sit perfectly in a mix. The new SP2016 plug-in now gives us all access to this incredible reverb, and no one is happier about this than me!”

—Dave Pensado
Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake

“The way it works, the way it processes sound… it just does something that I can’t find anywhere else.”

—Phil Nicolo
John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Urge Overkill, Aerosmith

“The SP2016 brings the authentic sound of hardware to plug-in format. It sounds great on everything I throw on it. Fantastic job!”

Alex Solano
Pulsating Waves, Alex Pro Mix

“I really love how the two different options between vintage and modern offer a ton of choice around the zeitgeist of space design… Nobody does reverb better than Eventide, and the SP2016 is another brilliant example of this.”

—Andrew Emil
AstraVox Music, Change Request

Presets Spotlight: Change Request


Quickly becoming my favorite reverb.

This is quickly becoming my favorite reverb…The amount of presets it comes with, arranged by type of spaces, instruments, and artist-designed ones really speaks to the overall versatility of a few algorithms and controls.

Lillian Blair
Gear Fanatix

More than just a plug-in emulation.

SP2016 is more than just a plug-in emulation. It encapsulates a significant chapter in audio production in which digital effects proved their worth and flexibility, the rest you could say is history.

Dan Cooper
Pro Tools Expert

Sounds gorgeous.

I had high hopes and expectations for the SP2016, and they didn’t let me down. It sounds gorgeous and sits in the mix effortlessly…this is an excellent software representation of the first programmable studio effects processor.

Phil O’Keefe
Harmony Central

Impressively accurate.

…where this plug-in shines is the sound quality. The algorithms modeled after the hardware are impressively accurate, and the modern versions are very clean and crispy. Moreover, the artist presets are very well-designed, saving you the time and effort of experimenting with different settings.

Berk Öztuna

Artists Using SP2016 Reverb

Anthony Baldino
Interstellar, Ex-Machina, Avengers: Infinity War, Venom
David Bottrill
Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, King Crimson
Laurie Spiegel
Roger Steen
The Tubes, The Roger Steen Band
Roy Hendrickson
Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane
Ash Milton
Ella Eyre, MNEK, Sigma, Peking Duk
Christian Cassan
Germaine Franco
Encanto, Coco, Little, The Mother
Jacknife Lee
The Killers, U2, R.E.M, Snow Patrol, Weezer, Catfish And The Bottlemen
Jason LaRocca
Laura Escudé

System Requirements

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Windows 8+
AAX 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit
macOS 10.9+, Intel and Apple Silicon
AAX 64-bit, AU 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit
iLok Account Required
No physical dongle necessary


Our plug-ins should work with any compatible DAW. We test against the following:
Pro Tools
Logic Pro
FL Studio
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