Pluginpalooza - Eventide Audio

Split FX from $25

SplitEQ, DeBoom, and Sheen Machine.

Unparalleled sound control using our patented Transient/Tonal Structural Split™ technology—The ultimate tools for precision audio editing.

Newfangled Audio from $19

Elevate, Invigorate, Saturate, and more.

Discover fresh sonic dimensions with innovative mixing and mastering plug-ins.

Signature Effects from $49

H910, Omnipressor®, UltraReverb, and more.

A legacy of sonic excellence with effects plug-ins featuring the legendary Harmonizer®, lush reverbs, and more.

Utilities from $39

UltraChannel and Precision Time Align.

Achieve sonic clarity and professional results with a studio-quality channel strip and mixing essentials.