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Pedals with the Pros: Stu G

We recently caught up with Nashville based guitarist, songwriter and producer Stu Garrard. As the former guitarist of British band Delirious?, Stu G doesn’t mess around when it comes to pedals. He…

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Artist Profile: Siegfried Meier

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Juno Award winning producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter Siegfried Meier of Beach Road Studios in Ontario, Canada.  We discussed using Eventide plug-ins in his mixes and…

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Pedals with the Pros: Sarah Lipstate

We recently caught up with Sarah Lipstate of Noveller to discuss her live setup and pedalboard configuration. Active since 2005, Sarah Lipstate has enough guitar and guitar pedal knowledge to fill a few books….

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AES 2017: One for the Books

Jack here again, fresh off the boat from the 143rd AES Convention. This was actually my first AES Convention, and I believe this was an excellent one to start with. I’ll definitely…

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Explore Our 50th Flashback Series

Flashback #7.3: H949 Pt. 3
We continue the tale of the H949 Harmonizer by sharing stories from some its most devoted users and the classic albums it has appeared on.
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