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Legacy Products

What started in a New York basement in 1971 has become the standard in audio broadcasting and recording. We revolutionized the audio industry by creating the world’s first studio effects processor, the Instant Phaser, and the first digital audio effects unit, the H910 Harmonizer®. Since then, our legendary studio processors, stompboxes and plug-ins have been heard on countless hit records.

The very first studio digital delay (1971)
Signal Doubling & Recirculation (1973)
High-Resolution Delay with RAM (1975)
Legendary tape flanging simulator (1975)
First digital effects processor (1975)
World's first de-glitched pitch-shifter
The Baby Harmonizer®
Classic compressor with side chain (1974)
Original studio phaser. (1971)
First multi-fx processor and plug-in (1982)